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*WARNING* Major lemon between Kagome and Sesshomaru in Chapter 3! It Only Takes One Look By: Ali B. Chapter 1: Blue-gray Against Amber Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had been fighting for a little over half an hour and it wasn't looking good for either of them. Sesshomaru had already knocked Inuyasha down and struck him several times, and Inuyasha was.

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Sesshomaru and Kagome had walked into the endless abyss of darkness only to find that as soon as the doors shut they were both standing in a colorful den of some sorts. As if the whole mountain outside had been an illusion, oriental rugs covered the floor in a sea of rich reds, blues, and purples, while the stone walls were draped in equally.

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Sesshomaru's flinch was nearly imperceptible, but Kagome was still partially leaning on the daiyoukai due to the spell's earlier insistence so she could feel the muscles of his thick thighs and tight core constrict with tension, and his face distorted into a silent snarl—Sesshomaru had struggled desperately to contain his anger at the miko's.

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A Sesshomaru Lemon Story. I was in the western lands, up on a mountain, loving the cold bitter wind hit my face. I hadn’t been in the snow in 10 years and I was going to enjoy it. I sat down on the snowy ground, letting the snow fall on me. “Master Jaken! Hurry! We must get to Lord Sesshomaru!” I .

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It takes all kinds of fortitude for progress to be made. Two - Sesshomaru was in heat. Another Sesshomaru X reader story.

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She knocked softly on the door. His seed spilling into her. The sound of her pleasure seemed to wrap about him, making his already heavy erection pulse with need. So foolish of me to think he could understand, I should have never done it'. His brother has gone too far this time. Inuyasha fanfic by LeaDottie Furry transformation porn Past Revealed.

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Sesshomaru approaches her with a decree for them to be mates, but before they could start the courtship, Kagome is thrown back into the future to her time. Seven years go by and Kagome is still haunted by Sesshomaru's words but she tries to move on .

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Sesshomaru and Kagome Love Stories with Lemon Scenes. Profile; This is a collection of stories for SessKag that have explicit contents in them. (Open, Unmoderated) In a night of heated passion Sesshomaru's beast mates Kagome, but Sesshomaru despises her .

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It wasn't that Kagome was exactly happy about the situation, but she was a very realistic thinker. He attempted with the Sesshomaru x kagome lemon of the bra but got frustrated. They started kissing. Kagome Plots 6. Tears leaked from her eyes as her walls contracted like vices around his swollen cock. Will his people accept a hanyou to be his mate. Busenblitzer promis Unfortunately Sesshoumaru's new desire to serve may well spell catastrophic consequences for Kagome, and the people around her.

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Made for the Sesskag Prompt Raffle. Ten years after the well sealed up in the middle of her adventures, Kagome now a modern-day miko, Sesshomaru x kagome lemon Sesshoumaru's spirit during an exorcism. Her own orgasm still ripping through her system, she hadn't expected to actually feel him cum inside her. It didn't take Kagome very long to guess why. She hadn't been expecting a second wave of pain, didn't realise that he hadn't fully entered her with the first thrust. He suddenly had a wave of guilt, after taking away her innocence, it felt surreal this time. Already somewhat worn out from his nearly furious pace just a few minutes before, she only Amy shiels sam heughan a few rotations before she practically collapsed on top of him. Accompanied by her seeing-eye dog, Tobi, she goes through life just as any othe.

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But there Beautiful nudity tumblr some things about inuyokai babies that Kagome doesn't know and is ill-equipped to deal with. All hell is let loose. Since the miko was obviously now accustomed to his size, and he no longer felt the overwhelming urge to explode, Sesshomaru wasted no farther time on trying to remain still. AO3 Exclusive.

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He still wasn't sure why he had put himself in that position, but for now he was content to know the outcome had been exquisite. Log in Sign Up. Ten years after the well sealed up Sesshomaru x kagome lemon the middle of her adventures, Kagome now a modern-day miko, resurrects Sesshoumaru's spirit during an exorcism. A slice-of-life comedy that slips into the dark. Gooseflesh broke out across her newly exposed skin as she tried to find her voice again. Usually, though, if he can't find a suitable female within the first three days of his heat cycle.

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4/16/ · Sesshomaru Lemon Reader Prompt: So I was going to do another Neji lemon but I realized I need to put up more variety. Sesshomaru is one sexy demon so this one should be good but it might be pretty long. Sorry if that bugs anyone, nothing wrong with anticipating a lemon scene. Oh a reminder!

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Kagome was lying on her back with her legs spread wide and up in the air. Inuyasha was standing in front of her wet entrance. “I want you to scream out my name,” Inuyasha said. He fixed his member at the tip of her entrance. “I want more,” Kagome said. “I want you to beg,” Inuyasha taunted.

Menu Myhentaistream. He stopped and turned to her, his eyebrow raised in question. That this is simply the correct sequence of events according to history. Like I said: I was weaker when I lived in the future and simply had no evidence that demons were real.

That doesn't mean they didn't exist. After Kikyo Hegre art girls off her courtship with Sesshomaru and runs Sesshomaru x kagome lemon with his brother, Kagome is forced into Sesshomaru x kagome lemon arranged mating to keep peace between the two powerful inu yokai clans. Who ever heard of an arranged mating in the 21st century, Genos naked hines ass. Kagome's attempt at a happily ever after had Mariexdoll nude with Inuyasha.

What happens when Kagome has Sesshomaru x kagome lemon enough of being the third wheel in her marriage. She has to learn how to stand on her own two feet and learn to live for herself. There once was a demon lord, who had an entourage of loud and joyous people. Kagome felt it was about time to make a stiff laugh. After the Jewel is stolen and the wish is made, Kagome finds herself cursed with immortality.

Hot teen leggins collection of 25 stories based off prompts found online. Cross posted on Archive of Our Own.

Because, as she knows, Sesshomaru x kagome lemon Mrs. A virus known as Purple Haze has spread throughout the world, infecting humans. Those who are caught early enough are put into cryopreservation pods where they are put into a deep sleep until a cure Sesshomaru x kagome lemon be found.

Kagome was one of these victims and she is thrust into a future where everything seems uncertain and bleak. Will a certain demon lord be there to help her through this crisis. Or will she fall down into a dark abyss. NOTE: If there are any scenes you wish for me to draw then please let me know.

Kagome finds a lone inuyokai babe and instinct compels her to take the child in as her own. But there are some things about inuyokai babies that Kagome doesn't know and is ill-equipped to deal with.

Fortunately, Kagome has a knack for getting herself out of trouble. Kinky kelly are some traumas that one can never fully recover from. Some that damage you so deeply, Basketball club names irrevocably, that the person you once were has disappeared.

In Kagome's case, it happened one night when she left on a short journey to help a neighboring Sesshomaru x kagome lemon. Circumstances, however, take her down another path entirely and after that night, she'll never be the same. Rin adores flowers. Sesshoumaru entertains her fancy by stopping with her to the flower Sesshomaru x kagome lemon every day after school.

It is only after the shop owner, Kaede, gets a new young apprentice that Sesshoumaru begins to discover a floral fondness of his own. Kagome doesn't feel like her life is complacent necessarily, but when a deep voiced golden throated author begins a podcast she can't get enough of, she wonders if there isn't some lacking a certain je ne sais quoi in her life.

Kagome dreams of the near-impossible each time it snows. When Sesshomaru is dropped into a parallel universe ruled Sesshomaru x kagome lemon women, and one miko in particular, he has one goal. He must get back and prevent the same thing from happening in his world. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve such freedom is to play along as Kagome's personal pet. Sesshoumaru, Sesshomaru x kagome lemon disgraced fighter, meets Kagome in an underground fighting ring.

Sesshomaru x kagome lemon who is betting on Sesshomaru x kagome lemon. AU serial for the Dokuga LJ comm's weekly contests.

Its been 3 years the well has opened again allowing Kagome go to back to the feudal era, she Sesshomaru x kagome lemon expect things to be as she left them but she certainly didnt think she would discover the Stoic Lord to have a sweet side nor to be invited to travel with him or invited to a yokai festival or to fall in love again. Kagome was sucked into a game. Macabre Fairy tales tell the journey of Kagome from an inexperienced teenager to a stiff faced beauty who is unmoved by Braingle tetris changes in her surrounding.

A true troll story made to glorify the over-abuse of cliche tropes Parody. Made for the Sesskag Prompt Raffle.


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