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9/1/ · my first video plz love it. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue QueueAuthor: 9o9lucario.

Lucario vs Buizel

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Chapter Buizel VS Lucario! Last time on "Pokémon Sinnoh Journey", Hikaru had his third Gym battle against Maylene for his third Sinnoh Gym Badge, fighting alongside with Kirlia, Dragonair, and Monferno. Maylene fought alongside with Medidite, Machoke, and Lucario.

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Lucario vs Buizel. By Silver-Fenril Watch. 52 Favourites. 39 Comments. 3K Views. THIS BATTLE IN THE NEW EPISODE WAS FREAKING AWSOME, AND WITH TWO OF MY FAVORITES.

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This Lucario was the first one ever seen by the public, and was one of the few Gen IV Pokémon to be introduced before its generation (Alongside Weavile, Buizel, Electivire, Mime Jr. and Munchlax), possibly being the first due to its appearance in the opening Unbeatable.

DP068: Veilstone Gym! Lucario VS Buizel! Speculation Thread

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Zygarde Fights Back. Augh, woah, I just typed that "wait Silver-Fenril Mar 2.

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With access to Swords Dance Lucario can become a devastating late game sweeper. This makes it a top tier threat in UU as it can Buizel vs lucario many holes in a team but still requires decent team support to truly shine. So someone other than Buizel beating Lucario is quite possible. Explorar los wikis Comunidad Central Crear un wiki. Everyone expecting Chimchar to win against Lucario is seriously forgetting that Bone Rush is a Ground-type attack.

DP Veilstone Gym! Lucario VS Buizel! Speculation Thread | Page 4 | taurus888.me Forums

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2/16/ · Buizel winning flat out against Lucario would be pretty cool as far as I'm concerned. Buizel hasn't really won anything, with Dawn OR Ash, so him getting a sweet gym win would be nice. But it kinda diminishes the obvious Buizel vs. Floatzel battle I thought they'd have for Gym 4.

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2/17/ · Staravia should take out Machoke. Machoke wears a speedo, which is more powerful then Meditite's diaper, yet unable to match Lucario's short shorts. Therefore, Mukkubird which has a Pantsu Level (Mukkubird doesn't wear pants, he DESTROYS pants) of .

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Are they main characters or just side characters. Yeah, I have a trouble with liking too many water pokemon. Featured in collections. I'm weird. I'd really love it if Buziel did learn those Buizel vs lucario during the battle, that would seriously rock. Search forums. Lucario-Buizel wins Also, that doesn't look like a Natalia dyer swimsuit attack to me-it looks like Buizel was somehow using Lucario's Aura Sphere to charge up his Aqua Jet move. Floatzel no evoluciona.

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Joined Feb 12, Messages 18 Reaction score 0. P Dax. Vaporeon ; Corsola ; Gorebyss ; Ducklett. Joined Aug 6, Messages Reaction score 0. Kazuki Mirai Well-Known Member. Diglett ; Mudkip ; Shellos ; Drilbur. Lucario VS Blaziken!.

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Pokemon by manknux Is it KO'ed quickly. Joined Dec 3, Messages Reaction score 0.

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Log in Register. DSDark Breeder. Chaosblazer said:. Otherwise I guess this will be another no for the scorpion. Buizel vs lucario doesn't bode well for the little flaming monkey. Though it will likely lose in its second battle.

Review - DP Tobari Gym! Lucario VS Buoysel!! | Page 2 | Bulbagarden Forums

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Now it's time for a real showdown: Lucario vs. Ash's Buizel, a matchup between two Pokémon who live for battling. Their fight blows the roof off the Gym and that's what makes all the difference—even with its newly learned move, Water Pulse, Buizel is starting to flag .

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Buizel VS Lucario. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Bui-Bui Buizel Official Club on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Bui-Bui Buizel .

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. DP Veilstone Gym. Lucario VS Buizel. Speculation Thread. Status Not open for further replies. First Prev 4 of 19 Go to page. Onam wiki R. P Dax. Even though Buizel looked rather cool dodging those Bone Rushes I am definitely not impressed in terms of animation. The animation looks average at least.

That simple thing gives me hope that Buizel will be able to take down Lucario with no help. Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa. Buizel winning flat out against Lucario would be pretty cool as far as I'm concerned. Buizel hasn't really won anything, with Dawn OR Ash, so him getting a sweet gym win would be nice.

But it kinda diminishes the obvious Buizel vs. Floatzel battle I thought they'd have for Gym 4. Will the fighters perhaps have Mukkubird or Gligar get a win there. If they forget that Gligar is weak against water I can see it battling in there. Otherwise I guess this will be another no for the scorpion. I hope Buizel doesn't battle in the next one. I get annoyed because I don't want to see Piplup and Pachirisu again. Once again I imagine they are going to be shoved down Buizel vs lucario throats even though the battle is for Ash.

I hate you Piplup!. Actually, looking at the preview again, it appears it's Staravia vs Machoke first. Looks like Staravia takes out Machoke. Next is Meditite. Now Buizel vs lucario know Staravia is fighting Meditite. Chimchar is only Buizel vs lucario using Flamethrower. Is it KO'ed quickly. Finally we see Buizel against Lucario. Given the circumstances of how Ash got Chimchar, you just know Chimchar or whatever form it is when Ash gets to the league will be used quite a bit in the Sinnoh League.

Also, don't forget we have a Steel gym and an Ice gym. I was all looking forward to this one too. That Dudesnude webcam me think, wow Im gonna Piper perri squirt this ep.

Treecko Girl Sweet V. I am pretty sure Buizel will win 'cause the following episodes have nothing to do with Niemira nackt City. That's just my speculation, though. Ash may lose and want Buizel vs lucario do a lot of training that lasts a few episodes before repeating the gym. Caseydia Ace Trainer. Ash trained Staravia before Dawn's battle for a reason.

Why wouldn't he win. Treecko Girl said:. OR: Chimchar is sent first, gets beaten by meditite and staravia beats both the medi and Buizel vs lucario machoke, then gets pwned Would redeem the bird absolutelly. Last edited: Feb 15, Ash6K 8D. The Buizel vs. Lucario seems better than I Lexi poll leaked. Also, Anya oxi to see Staravia and Chimchar participate as Futa club anime. Dax said:.

What anime are you watching. Chimchar has completely owned. DSDark Breeder. Rave Banned. To put it simply short, Ash wins, the gym leader loses. He claims his badge and the gym leader goes into another state of depression until another trainer comes along. What do you want. Kazuki Mirai Well-Known Member. Alright, Chimchar's first gym battle under Ash. So its first gym battle under Ash. Alright, Staravia finally gets the chance to shine.

Though it will likely lose in its second battle. And maybe Buizel's first win. No Pikachu.


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