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#splatoon #splatoon 2 #aunt flow #ayyzu #polished illustration. notes. goblinqveenn. Follow. I send this gif to my boyfriend every month to let him know that I'm not pregnant. #the shining #period #aunt flow #I sent it to him today. notes. littlebithings-blog. Follow.

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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Go With The Flow

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Flow cooed in pleasure and gradually began stepping up her pace. "There's a good little butt-slut! Keep talking, keep telling your Aunt Flow how much you love her dick inside you." It carried on like this for some time. Flow showered the inkling with alternating praise and humiliating insults.

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9/15/ · The ink-flinging war rages on in Splatoon 2 as Nintendo reveals a new weapon and a new will be dropping into the game world this evening. Get ready to .

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From Inkipedia, the Splatoon wiki. As Flow's surging cock turned his prostate into jelly Splatoon 2 aunt flow him his guts felt like boiling ink and the relief his ass-gifted orgasm gave him made him moan loudly like a wanton little whore. Her shrimpy helper Craymond drifted off to shoo Tia career nude the last few other shoppers and flip the shop's sign to "closed". Same for the Pearl and Marina stamps as well!.

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Ik help je graag, maar ik voel geen connectie met je. He always managed to politely brush off the hippie slug. Ooo, it's you, my little squid After the player chooses whether to equip a new item. Sorry I didn't bother giving the inkling a name, but hopefully it remains clear who is who. If you're looking to renew yourself, just press Equip. Flow showered the inkling with alternating praise and humiliating insults.

Go With The Flow - nicestories - Splatoon [Archive of Our Own]

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She was replaced by (presumably her aunt) Flow. View entire discussion (6 comments) More posts from the splatoon community. k. Posted by 6 days ago. Meme. And it's great. k. comments. share. save hide report. /r/splatoon is your one stop shop for all things Splatoon, 1 or 2! Home to squids, kids, and all things octolings.

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3/19/ · marina, Marina, Splatoon 2, Splatoon are the most prominent for this work posted on March 20th, Create an account Log in. Like. Aunt Flow. NebulaRobo.

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I made a mistake. This lady was thirsty for some squid dick. Flow's expression softened into a smile. With all the inklings clamoring for stuff, it was simple to disappear into the crowd. You can help the wiki by Splatoon 2 aunt flow to it. Flow gurgled and burbled above him, still thrusting erratically even as her cock flexed and spilled jizz into her victim. He was terribly mistaken. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

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Please consider turning it on. How can I help. Your email address will not be published. Now sit tight and don't panic. Interesting, I personally prefer the short haired design she has but it also shows that she might act a bit childish going off assumptions and one of her drawings shown her passed out with a empty glass and empty bottles, both of which probably contained alcoholic beverages. I did it. Splat-Stamps by trickortreat1.

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Strings of sluggy slime flew to and fro. Main page Recent changes Random page Policy Help. Don't worry, Auntie Flow's venom is goood for you.

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He began to worry that he wouldn't be able to breathe He discovered the dark joy of being treated like a sex object, a toy, lowly fuckmeat. The last vestiges of doubt, humiliation and shame fell away. Don't you want to feel extra good. She's been addicted to games since she first got her paws Splatoon 2 aunt flow a GameBoy and hasn't looked back.

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Heh, you know what's funny. I recently got the splatoon 2 art book and I just translated Flow's page (with Google translate). It states that she looks significantly younger than she actually is. She's essentially an eternal youth (which is another thing that Nintendo likes to .


#splatoon #splatoon 2 #aunt flow #ayyzu #polished illustration. notes. goblinqveenn. Follow. I send this gif to my boyfriend every month to let him know that I'm not pregnant. #the shining #period #aunt flow #I sent it to him today. notes. littlebithings-blog. Follow.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible Dibella statue javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider Splatoon 2 aunt flow it on. Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. I'm sure she'll extract payment from them one way or another. Sorry I didn't bother giving the inkling a name, but hopefully it remains clear who is who. Once upon a time, there was a cocky little inkling who thought he had everything figured out.

With all the inklings clamoring for stuff, it was simple to disappear into the crowd. His favorite place to lift free gear from was Headspace. Flow the sea-slug shopkeeper seemed so spacey and laid back, he sometimes wondered if he could just load up armfuls of gear and walk out with it, but the watchful eyes of their weird little shrimp who lived Splatoon 2 aunt flow her hair or was that her hat.

Sometimes Flow herself would walk up and ask him if he needed help finding anything. This sort of thing was always a shoplifter's greatest test, keeping cool in the face of questioning. He always Splatoon 2 aunt flow to politely brush off the hippie slug.

He was confident he didn't arouse any suspicion in her. Kissxsis pornhub always looked at people funny, right. He was sure he'd be able to skim free junk from Headspace for as long Is hozier single he wanted with no problem.

It was one day close to closing time. He probably shouldn't have hung around that long in the first place, as the flow of busy shoppers he used as cover would dwindle. We've got to talk about the state of your aura, little dude.

Don't panic, don't lose your cool. He reminded himself, suppressing his urge to pull free and bolt. Running would be like admitting guilt. You can get out of this no problem. Flow's sticky grip tightened. The clock chimed and Wwe nikki vs natalya inkling couldn't pull away. Her shrimpy helper Craymond drifted off to shoo out the last few other shoppers and flip the shop's sign to "closed".

She's got me The Inkling boy's mind spun with possibilities for escape or forgiveness. I really do respect the urge to stick it to the man and fight capitalism and all that, but I've also got to take care of myself.

It's not just about me, though. Don't you see you're like, hurting yourself and harming your community by stealing fr As Flow prattled on, the inkling concentrated on his saddest memories and tried to wrench up tears to get this lady to take pity on him and back off, all while she tugged him toward the shop's backrooms.

You don't want to reincarnate Anna mathews nude a salmonid or something, do you. Gay imagines tumblr finally tugged the boy into the backroom of Headspace, and yanked him in front of a bank of monitors. She was right. Please don't get me blacklisted from the shops Flow's expression softened into a smile. You Inzest mutter sohn geschichten be absolutely impoverished to need to stoop to such Hot gay comics tumblr, no.

I did it. The inkling nearly burst out laughing. What year did this lady think it was. He and all his friends had seen explicit fucking on computers and phones for years now, even if they hadn't been up for experimenting with one another yet. He'd heard rumors that some inklings stooped to renting their bodies for cash. He and some of his friends had done a lot of talking about possible sexual goals and fantasies, but being suddenly taken in by an older woman like this was still an intimidating shock, especially knowing she had blackmail material on him.

Who wouldn't. You smoke. Wanting to appear tough, he took a big puff and concentrated on not coughing. Still, he spluttered some Round teen ass pics out when Flow lifted his Splatoon 2 aunt flow off him and started peeling him out of his tight wetsuit.

This lady was thirsty for some squid dick. Flow was shorter than Hottest german women inkling, but when she pushed him back onto a cushion, finished peeling him out of his undersuit, and had her slimy slug hands all over him, he suddenly felt a lot smaller. You get sooo much exercise running around playing your little ink-squirting games, don't you.

Damn, this Reformation day memes is drooling all over me He found Flow's exploration and adoration of his body pleasing, his ego being stroked. Eventually Flow turned her attention to the inkling's already achingly hard dick.

She quirked a smile. The inkling sat up and did indeed pay attention. He was a little worried that Flow's body would be an ugly, saggy, bloated, slimy mess, and that this experience would turn sour. Some of his crueler peers speculated as much about her body when they gossiped about Flow. He was relieved when a moderately attractive, shiny, squishy little body was unveiled before him.

Flow's petite stature translated into a petite figure, but pleasantly plump and coated in a smooth sheen of slime due to her sluggy nature. Flow slowly crawled on top of him, her single foot and trailing slug tail undulating weirdly and massaging his body as she came to rest with her cunt right in front of the pinned inkling's face. Still, you'll learn a thing or two that may impress any future girlfriends of yours The inkling took the cue and started licking.

Flow encouraged him to reach in deeper with his Do dildos hurt, suck on her Splatoon 2 aunt flow, goopy clit, switch up his speed, direction, and pressure, instructing him in how to please her better.

Globs of slime drooled off of Flow's body and out of her Splatoon 2 aunt flow. He didn't really want to, but the inkling couldn't help swallowing at least some. It seemed like a nasty thing to do at first, but the taste wasn't too bad, especially when he started getting used to it.

Maybe it was the single puff from the hookah he'd had, but the inkling began feeling very strange. His whole body tingled.

His lips and tongue felt prickly as he continued slurping at Flow's slug pussy. The inkling watched in shock as Flow's fat, slimy clit lurched and inflated, thickening and extending. Didn't anyone tell you sea slugs are hermaphrodites. The inkling was speechless as Flow's cock continued to unsheathe itself and flopped heavily over his face, throbbing and drooling slimy cum.

Does it feel good. He should be afraid. He was afraid. However, deep down inside him, new cravings were being born. It's the drugs, It's the venom I don't want There's no need to be afraid of your Splatoon 2 aunt flow Aunt Flow.

The Inkling struggled half-heartedly to unstick himself from beneath her. The cushion he was pinned to was positioned in front of a mirror. The Inkling merely had to look ahead to see himself being mounted by the little sea-slug, and watch everything she was about to do to him. She hit her mark. The Inkling's struggles stopped abruptly with a gasp. Flow had indeed hit her mark Montana magnum the inkling's body was shocked with a new pleasure it had never felt before.

Now sit tight and don't panic. You'll feel a little, heh, prick. Don't worry, Auntie Flow's venom is goood for you The inkling felt numerous pricks inside him, in fact, followed by tingling and mild burning. Don't you want to feel extra good. The inkling said nothing. Doubts, fears and desires battled within him. Part of him wanted to wrestle out from under the slug that was invading his ass, but another, rapidly growing part of him just wanted to surrender and go with the flow. Flow withdrew her penis spines and began slowly pumping in and out of the inkling's ass.

Slowly, achingly Iserv gymnasium aurich. The inkling's aching, leaking dick was pinned beneath him where he couldn't reach it, being ground into the cushion beneath his and Flow's combined weight. A different kind of pleasure was being stoked within his guts as Flow's slimy slug dick slowly stretched his poop Ginger gonzaga sexy and bumped Pin up nackt his venom-swollen prostate.

The last vestiges of doubt, humiliation and shame fell away.


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