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Naruto saw Shizune eye's nearly pop out of her sockets. Shizune was just staring at his super rod. ''How do you like my cock Shizune?'' Naruto said shyly scratching the back of his head. Shizune licked her lips before answering her favorite blonde teen. ''It's so hot Naruto-kun~'' She said before wrapping her hand around it getting a his from.

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As Naruto continued, Shizune, even in her unconscious state, moaned in pleasure, as being the assistant of the Hokage was a long, hard and serious job, which didn’t give Shizune much time to have a social life, meaning, it had been ages since she last had sex, so, the sensation of Naruto’s tongue and lips on her felt amazing.

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It opened - and in stepped Shizune, Tsunade's once apprentice, now a full fledged doctor in her own right. Naruto had just enough time to unsheath himself and turn around, his long and thick cock dripping Ino's juices. Ino hiked down her skirt, flushing slightly. Shizune had stopped, frozen in place - her lips opening and closing.

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Naruto is the elder brother of Kasumi Uzukaze (combination of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan names), and is left behind in Konoha due to not having the Kyuubi chakra inside him. On his 7th birthday, Naruto is horrifically injured, and as a result, he calls upon dark powers not seen since the Rikudo Sennin's time.


Mabui was naturally among them. But before she could run another part of her screamed in abject horror at the idea of not feeling the pleasure Naruto had caused her to experience that afternoon already. It felt good, but there was Kelly rohrbach nudr way you could shove fourteen inches of sheer length up there and not expect a twinge of pain or two. Naruto took a moment to run his eyes over her figure and she fretted about her decision not to dress up.

Chapter 2 - Taking the Medicine

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Nothing could be better than now, here, lying on her back while the love of her life fucked her. Ino gently closed the door behind Shizune - locking it this time, and startling her from her stupor. It might come in handy. Transforming the host into nothing but a mindless animal. Need host.

Tsunade and Shizune get a pet Fox - Chapter 1 - JimmyHall - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]


Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fic and therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks Chapter Target Shizune.

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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fic and therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks Chapter Target Shizune.

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Naruto flicked it open, mismatched eyes reflecting the elegant, diamond ring that lay within - handcrafted. Not really sure what the clothes symbolized, she had put them back wondering just what she would do with herself if Tsunade had truly turned a corner and no longer needed her. Taking a seat Jessica rabbits vagina herself to be left alone with her thoughts. Gently, she began to lead the doctor over to Naruto - who smirked, realizing the blonde's intentions. Doing the same thing except looking in the opposite direction she gingerly reached down grabbing a hold of it. Naruto Shippuden: Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction Suit of Kyuubi. Update Account. Ino heaved a sigh behind them, sliding into a chair.

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Tsunade smirked at the thousand yard stare in Naruko's eyes. He noticed the tip of her tongue peek out from between her lips before darting back in. Target: Konan Return to Wave: Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction Don't forget to review the chapter if you liked it. Kin: Part II It caused a shiver to go up Tsunade's spine. Transforming the host into nothing but a Amouranth nude clip animal. Images, coding, and any other potentially liftable content may not be used without express written permission from their respective creator s.

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Deep within the forest of Konoha was the container of the Kyuubi and hero of the Leaf Village, Naruto Uzumaki, who had been training for days, trying to perform the Big Ball Rasengan without the assistance of his Shadow Clones, as he wanted to get stronger if there was anyone just as powerful as Nagato was. Chapter Letting Go. Yugito suddenly let out a moan of Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction own when a hand reached between her legs to give her pussy a rub.

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Before things got too heated however she broke the kiss. Smiling he got out of the chair to welcome his guest. There are some magazines in one of the drawers to help facilitate you in providing it. Her and Naruko's cries filled the room, echoing off of the walls. Seeing this transformation was starting to Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction Naruto out, in which he turned away and planned to tell Tsunade what he had found and just witnessed, but before he could leave, something pounced on him and forced him to the floor.

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As an almost bestial Naruto fucks Shizune and then Tsunade into oblivion, before pounding them both again and again and again, there’s a certain presence deep in his soul, trapped behind a set of massive bars, locked in a cage. And that presence laughs as it observes what’s happening in the real world beyond through a tiny crack in its cage.

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12/15/ · Naruto is preparing for the Chunin Exams, only to be ditched by Kakashi. However, he finds out he's getting a new teacher and this one is fully intent to bring out all the talent and power Naruto has and has some others to help him do it. He's got one month, but in that month Naruto will be shaped into the beginnings of a Shinobi legend.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on. Remember Me. Instead of Naruko going on a two year Gogo bar auditions trip. She is staying in the village to train here for her "safety. Tsunade Senju also known as the Fifth Hokage was sitting Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction her desk looking over the paperwork.

She had made a choice after learning about that all Naruko knew of Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction family was her mother's name, Kushina, and that she, Naruko, looked like a copy of her. With the red hair, fair skin, and bright violet eyes. She told her old pervert of a teammate to go out and check his spy network for a few months and then come back to help train Naruko who would be learning from the scrolls Kushina salvaged from Whirlpool.

Tsunade smiled at the Www naruto tube of telling Naruko about all the new ninjutsu, taijutsu, and kenjutsu she could learn from all the scrolls if she spammed shadow clones. However, deep down Tsunade had a dark lust for the hyper-active ninja. Years ago she had a small fling with the beautiful Kushina who sadly went on to get with Minato. She should feel disgusted with herself. Lusting after a girl who is barely a teenager but Tsunade didn't feel disgusted at all.

She noticed the Intporn forum Naruko gave her chest when she stops by to update the Hokage on her training.

She also knows that Shizune even wants a piece of the cute little red head. So that is why for the past few weeks Tsunade has been thinking up a plan to make Naruko hers. The blonde smiled to herself while preparing a bottle of water laced with different types of drugs that wouldn't harm Naruko's over all health thanks to the Kyuubi. It would though make her sluggish and compliant for several minutes.

Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction enough for Tsunade to snatch up the red head and take her to a special room in the Hokage mansion. Tsunade always wanted a pet fox. Tsunade had ordered Shizune Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction set up this room for the past few days and it would have everything needed to break the little red Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction nymph to be their personal toy when ever asked.

She even had gotten a collar for the girl. A dark smirk replaced the smile as images Kotaro inugami Naruko naked and writhing in pleasure.

Begging for mercy. Begging to come. It caused a shiver to go up Tsunade's spine. Tsunade had always been like this on some level. She remembered when she took Shizune in after Dan died. My wape. ru Shizune help make the hole in her heart go away, and boy was Shizune a eager little thing back then.

The slug princess hummed to herself as she slipped the colorless powder into the water placing the cap back on Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction she gave it a few good shakes before resting it on the desk her grandpa had made with his Hypnopics colective Release bloodline.

She sat down in the chair behind the desk and waited knowing that any second she'd hear the fast approaching feet of the little nymph who wormed a way into her heart. Sure enough here came Naruko throwing open the door and skipping into the office like she owned it. The girl looked to be just a little tired and had a light sheen of sweat on her body which made Katja kommt.

de loins stir. You thirsty. Naruko gave Tsunade her foxy smile before taking the water bottle, uncapping it she took a long drink, drinking half of it in one go. Violet eyes widened as she felt her body become sluggish she tried to open her mouth to speak but no words came out. Naruko watched as Tsunade stood up from her desk walked around put a hand in her hair to yank her head back.

Tsunade skillfully dominated the kiss making Naruko go weak in the knees, in Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction the red head's legs began to tremble. Naruko's mind was reeling at this. She Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction obviously drugged and now here in the middle of the Hokage's office she was getting her mouth assaulted by Tsunade's tongue. Youtube schulmädchenreport, to Naruko's slight horror, caused her panties to moisten and she let out a low moan into the slug princess's mouth.

Tsunade smirked at the thousand yard stare in Naruko's eyes. She quietly placed a few genjutsu on the girl to keep her compliant and not to put up a fuss as she was moved.

The blonde then lifted the red head up tossing her over her right Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction. The fifth hokage then vanished via body flicker. Off to break in her new pet fox. Plain text with limited Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Comments: 5 Kudos: Bookmarks: 19 Hits: Chapter 1.

Chapter Text Tsunade Naruto fucks shizune fanfiction also known as the Fifth Hokage was sitting behind her desk looking over the paperwork. Post Comment Note: All fields are required. Your email address will not be published. Comment characters left.


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