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Sep 23,  · 🎮 STORY: When Mickey's Pizzeria got closed in , Mickey and his friends' lifes got thrown into jeopardy. You have ONE MISSION - save them. .

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Storage Area Also Known As Cam 4 Is A Location In Five Nights At Treasure Island.

Unofficial Revival

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Feb 14,  · Okay, a long time ago that AnArt designed to make the original FNaTI from to , he was only making all demos. Y'know, after AnArt gave up making FNaTI from , he didn't care anyone is going to make any remakes/revivals of FNaTI, I'm glad for that. Now, AnArt came back working on FNaTI from (such as the new FNaTI Alpha test).

Five Nights at Treasure Island: Revival [LEGACY] by Sosuu - Game Jolt

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Oswald in The Office. Oswald in the Staff Area. Oswald attacking the player in his shade version with the power off.

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Is Confirmed By Elmoyoo No comments yet. When Mickey's Pizzeria got closed inMickey and his friends' lifes got thrown into jeopardy.

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Log In Sign Up. I miss Treasure Island. Cancel Save. Deal with your fate if you want. Categories :. View All. How many nights this build has?.

Five nights at treasure island gamejolt - Fanf Games

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Hey Scratchers, Welcome the the Five Nights at Treasure Island: Revival studio! Well, you can already tell once you've clicked on this. Anyway, this is for one of my upcoming projects, which is basically remaking the cancelled version of FNaTI.

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Five Nights at Treasure Is dead After arriving at the often rumored about Treasure Island, you have taken the Nightshift for easier investigation of the Island. The three no, two other employees on the Island with you help you out with advise and planning- but just like with every good plan, there is things that are simply unpredictable. Things that bust the so well planned scenario.

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Published On. This wiki All wikis. Categories Fnati revival. I miss Treasure Island. This wiki All wikis. Realistic Bloodshed. Six Horrors 2 by ToonsterGames followers.

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Maybe check back later. This is a compilation of all of the builds of my old, unfinished revival that I could find plus my old Fnati revival, Dark Secrets. Nothing has been posted to this project page yet. Sign In Zenci hatunlar have an account. Log In Sign Up. View All. Log In Sign Up.

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Start a Wiki. FNaTI: Remade demo before the name change. Sign In Don't have an account?.

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This wiki. If you have paid money for any of these 2, we suggest you get a refund for your money. I miss Treasure Island. Published On. Is Confirmed By Fnati revival Nothing has been posted to this project page yet.

Scratch Studio - Five Nights at Treasure Island: Revival Studio

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May 20,  · Story: Welcome to the Abandoned "Treasure Island" resort, a place was abandoned a long time ago, and your hired to be a night watch man here to watch the place 12AM-6AM, watch the cameras, hide under your desk and shut off one of the cameras, 4/5(27).

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1 Original Revamp Story 2 Spirits/Ghostly Suits 3 Unreleased, Fan-Made/Unofficial Ghostly Suits/Unofficial Spirits 4 Game-Play 5 Unused Content The Extremely Old Office Characters/Suits/Spirits Original FNaTI Games Voice Lines Disney has returned filled with ghosts roaming around, in which all the ghosts and the spirits have broken out of their own grave, and the .

Unofficial Revival | Five Nights at Treasure Island 2 Wikia | Fandom

When Mickey's Pizzeria got closed inMickey and his friends' lifes Fnati revival thrown into jeopardy. Deal with your fate if you want. Published On. Realistic Bloodshed. Sad Fnati revival View All. What do you think. No comments yet. Emily is Away by kyleseeley23 1, followers. Pile Up by Seed by Seed 1, followers. Inquisitor by Monarch Softworks 1, followers. Close Your Eyes Fnati revival Gamagami followers. Log In Sign Up.


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