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Black Rock Shooter THE GAME [edit | edit source] Main article: Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME Primary. Stella (Black★Rock Shooter) Sing-Love (White Rock Shooter) Nana Gray; Seven Apostles. CKRY; LLWO; MEFE; MZMA; SAHA; XNFE; Secondary (humans) Wyler Gibson; UEF-PSS. Albert; Alexey Dogaef; Bob; Chris; Darry; Frank Marion; Hassan; John; Koichi; Lars Hanson; Morris Bailey; .

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black rock shooter ̃e f u t c g ł.

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black rock shooter ̃e f u t c g ł.

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Black Rock Shooter The Recalibur (ブラック★ロックシューターThe Recalibur) is the American-Thai/Japanese independent animation web-media series based on the character Japanese illustration and animation series by Huke and Ordet, It revolted around the reality characteristic, a black haired girl with blazing blue all boasted are environment around of the located otherworld.



Retrieved August 21, Manga Entertainment. December 25, Her weapon of choice in physical combat, however, is a large golden-bladed sword.

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Anime television series. However, Yomi tends to act very aloof and appears unwilling to make Black rock shooter characters, and her feelings towards the few friends she does have are negative. This character art inspired a song to be made, which led to the Black Rock Shooter character being designed for their music video, leading to an OVA, a video game, a manga adaptation, and finally the anime adaption. Strength is seen to be the kindest and has the strongest regard for the real world, leading to the decision to switch bodies with Yuu. Now and again, however, an anime will Black rock shooter characters conceived or adapted from a source that is not quite the norm and have a unique journey as to how it came into fruition. Strength also Öğretmenin karısı filmi izle herself to be able to manipulate the Overworld as well as the weapons necessary to go toe to toe with even Insane Black Rock Shooter. Retrieved October 27.


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This is a list of characters from the Japanese anime Black Rock Shooter OVA by Huke 1 OVA Characters Human World Characters Other World Characters 2 References 3 External links Mato Kuroi(黒衣マト,Kuroi Mato?) Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa Mato is the main character .

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Overview. Black Rock Shooter is a character created by Ryohei Fuke. Originally a drawing posted to Fuke's blog and on the image-sharing site Pixiv, it inspired Ryo of the band Supercell to create a song entitled Black Rock Shooter using Vocaloid software. The two later collaborated on the song's music video, for which Fuke provided illustrations.

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Insane Black Rock Shooter also utilizes different weapons, such as the Cannon Lance and the Blade Claw, and also demonstrates the ability to regenerate. See also: List of Black Rock Shooter characters. Archived from the original on November 27, Archived from the original on September 9, Actionfantasy [1]. Archived from the original on May 27, December 27, This character Kotor hentai inspired a song to be made, which led to the Black Rock Shooter character being designed for their music video, leading to an OVA, a video game, Black rock shooter characters manga adaptation, and finally the anime adaption.

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The franchise has also spawned several manga series and a video game for the PlayStation Portable titled Black Rock Shooter: The Gameeach set in their own universe. As opposed to Black Rock Shooter having the color blue incorporated into her appearance, Kadinlarin aldatma itiraflari Black Rock Shooter has the color purple instead. Retrieved December 27, Retrieved July 27, However, Yomi tends to act very aloof and appears Black rock shooter characters to make friends, and her feelings towards the few friends she does have are negative. Retrieved August 21, Categories :.

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Manga Entertainment. Both editions feature a second test short stop motion video as a bonus featuring a remix of "Black Rock Shooter" by Joe Hahnthe DJ of Linkin Parkas well as its making-of video. The other self of Mato Kuroi, Black Rock Shooter is best known as fighting silently yet ruthlessly and speaking only when she has something to say, not to Black rock shooter characters say something.


Retrieved March 29, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved September 3, Kadokawa Shoten. Huke in Japanese. Black Rock Shooter: The Game takes place in the yearwhere Black Rock Shooter is Black rock shooter characters from slumber and enters a futuristic battlefield where alien forces have invaded the Earth and have been terrorizing the planet for 19 years.

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Black Rock Shooter: The Game is an RPG, realeased in March 9, for the PlayStation Portable, featuring animated cut-scenes by Ufotable. It's based on the popular Japanese original video animation produced by Ordet.

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Black Rock Shooter starts kind of moe (in my eyes) with Mato waking up (It remembered me a bit of K-ON). Later on it feels more like a shounen anime with a kind of dark feeling on it. You might scratch your head once or twice and wonder what the hell is going on when you watch it, but I .


List of characters from the Black Rock Shooter universe. Section currently unavailable. If you know the characters featured, then please edit this section. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki.

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